So the first thing to do, then, is to open the Advanced Startup Options menu. Safe Mode in Windows 8 is accessible from the Startup Settings menu, itself found on the Advanced Startup Options menu. It replaced the System Recovery Options menu available in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. It doesn’t include shortcut to Windows 8 Startup folder. The Advanced Boot Options screen lets you start Windows in advanced troubleshooting modes. See How to Access Advanced Startup Options in Windows 8 for instructions on the six different methods to open this very helpful menu of repair and troubleshooting tools. Advanced Startup Options menu in Windows 8 is a centralized list of repair, recovery and troubleshooting tools. HP Desktop PCs - Advanced Startup Troubleshooting (Windows 10, 8) This document is for HP desktop and All-in-One computers running Windows 10 or Windows 8. The Advanced Startup Options in Windows 8 keeps all of the old favorites like Safe Mode and Debugging Mode, and adds in several new features that … The Advanced Startup Options menu in Windows 8 is the central fix-it location for the entire operating system. Method I will also work, if you can at least get to the Windows 8 logon screen. If it doesn't start, then I would recommend using Method's IV, V and VI.. Troubleshoot specific startup … The Advanced startup options menu allows you to specify various options for how you would like Windows 8 to start or to provide access to repair and diagnostic tools in the event that Windows … Some sources still refer to Advanced Startup Options menu in Windows 8 as System Recovery Options.. This document provides advanced troubleshooting procedures for computers with startup issues. Advanced Startup Options (ASO) is a centralized menu of recovery, repair, and troubleshooting tools in Windows 10 and Windows 8.. The ASO menu is also sometimes referred to as the Boot … Booting to the Advanced Startup Options. Windows 8 and 10’s advanced startup tools function differently than the tools on previous versions of Windows. It consists of System Restore, System Image Recovery, Command Prompt, Windows Startup Settings, Automatic Repair and UEFI Firmware Settings. You can either choose Advanced Startup from the Windows 8 system settings, hold the Shift key while pressing Restart from the Start screen, or … You can access the menu by turning on your computer and pressing the F8 key before Windows starts. If Windows 8 starts, then you can use any of the 6 methods listed below. Some options, such as safe mode, start Windows in a limited state, where only the … From here you can access Windows 8 diagnostic and repair tools like Refresh Your PC, Reset Your PC, System Restore, Command Prompt, and much more. If your Windows 8 or 10 system can’t boot properly, the tools will appear automatically so you can fix the problem. Enable Advanced Boot Menu in Windows 8 (F8 Boot) Advance Boot Menu was a very handy feature used in previous versions of Windows like Windows 7, Vista, XP etc. Method 5: Boot From a Windows 8 Recovery Drive Method 6: Boot Directly to Advanced Startup Options I received these methods along with instructions form an email from microsoft. The advance boot menu is particularly helpful to boot Windows in Safe Mode . Using Windows 8 Start Screen search, you can instantly open Advanced Startup options, view programs that start up automatically with Windows and change Window To GO startup options.