Think you it is the soldiers, at the price of whose blood riches are won for vile slaves such as Tarula and Scirtus? . . and so they should [leave as quickly as possible]. 7 Next Perseus, the son of Philippus, after many battles with varying results, was formally taken under their protection before the gods of Samothrace; and then those masters of craft and artists in treachery caused his death from want of sleep, since they had made a compact not to kill him. [1.1] {1.1M}   L  I have composed the history of the Roman people, including both military and domestic events, starting with the year when M.Lepidus and Q.Catulus were consuls {78 B.C.}. [4.50] {4.16M}   L  #  There was almost equal haste and great terror within the town, because they were afraid that the new fortifications, which were built of brick, would be weakened by the damp. 15 O vilest and most shameless of all men, do you take to heart the poverty and grief of the citizens, when you have nothing in your possession which was not seized by arms or by injustice! Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. 19 If this is your intention, if such torpor has stolen upon your spirits that forgetting the crimes of Cinna, upon whose return to our city the flower of this order perished, you will nevertheless entrust yourselves, your wives, and your children to Lepidus, what need is there of decrees? Cumae . 12 A great part of our allies and of the people of Latium to whom you gave citizenship in return for distinguished services are robbed of it by one man, while a few of his minions, as a recompense for their crimes, have seized upon the ancestral homes of the guiltless commons. 10 There was an outbreak in the consulship of Brutus and Mamercus {77 B.C. Gaul last year supplied the army of Metellus with pay and provisions, but can now scarcely keep itself alive because of a failure of the crops; I myself have exhausted not only my means, but even my credit. And these arms he took up in defiance of all human and divine law, not in order to avenge his own wrongs or the wrongs of those whom he pretends to represent, but to overthrow our laws and our liberty. 20 But now I care no longer what you think of him, but what you dare; for while you are all waiting for someone else to assume the lead, I fear lest you may be caught, not by his forces, which are insignificant and degenerate, but through your own indifference, which allows him to continue his course of rapine and to seem fortunate in proportion to his audacity. [X.12]   L  He was full of anger and grief at the loss of such allies. They chased the consuls to the house of Octavius, which was nearer . [1.95] {1.108M}   L  #  When Fufidius arrived soon afterwards with his legions, he found that the banks were steep, the ford could not easily be crossed if they had to fight, and everything was more suitable to the enemy than to his men. # You ask for a second consulship, as if you had ever given up your first. He soon found a suitable guide, one of the prisoners from Picentia, and then he went over the Eburine heights to Nares Lucanae, from where he advanced at dawn to Forum Anni, before the inhabitants realised. You must not delay or look for help from prayers to the gods; unless haply you hope that Sulla is now weary or ashamed of his tyranny and that what he has criminally seized he will with still greater peril resign. 5 All these things that caricature of Romulus holds in his possession, as if they had been wrested from foreigners; and not content with their destruction of so many armies, consuls, and other leading men, whom the fortune of war had swept away, he grows more cruel at a time when success turns most men from wrath to pity. This province had been given to us by the will of the deceased king Apion, and needed to be governed more prudently than was usual in those nations, by someone who was less eager for glory. ; Batstone, W. “ Incerta pro certis. It is vain for you to attempt to avoid them and to look for peace and prosperity, when all the provinces and realms, all lands and seas, are devastated or exhausted by wars. . “ Quantum ingenio possum. Neither the provinces, nor the laws, nor your country's gods tolerate you as a citizen. By that time, the autumn crops were already ripe [in the fields]. 13 Of this fact I warn you and I beg you to bear it in mind; do not change the names of things to suit your own cowardice and give to slavery the title of peace. . Berücksichtigen Sie dabei bitte besonders die Gesichtspunkte Inhalt und Struktur, Sprache, Stil, Form sowie Gattung und Motivgeschichte: 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Ubi vos separatim sibi quisque consilium capitis, ubi domi voluptatibus, hic pecuniae and praised [what he directed them to do]. He fears peace, hates war; he sees that he must sacrifice luxury and licence, and meanwhile he takes advantage of your indolence. The armed men rushed out of the ships in skiffs or by swimming, and some of them were carried by their boats onto the shore, which was full of sea-weed. . Since Spartacus could not stop these [outrages], he earnestly begged them to forestall the news of what they had done, and quickly . Furthermore, old age, which is in itself an affliction, redoubles my anxiety, since it is my wretched lot, when near the end of life, not even to be able to hope for an honourable death. At this, the young men, at first following a set plan but then wherever they happened to be, staged noisy protests throughout the city, proclaiming that they would never hand over their weapons and allies, while there was still breath in their bodies. 4 From early youth I have passed my life before your eyes both as a private citizen and in office; those who needed my voice, my counsel, my purse, have had them. seine Feinde wurden auf Are you not ashamed either before men or before the gods, whom you have insulted by your perfidy or perjury? 20 Surely it is in vain that he and other good citizens are taking thought for the republic. 8 Of this situation I warn you and I beg you to give it your attention; do not force me to provide for my necessities on my own responsibility. 21 Following their usual custom, they will destroy everything or perish in the attempt . . - Buy De Coniuratione Catilinae / Die Verschworung DES Catilina book online at best prices in India on What divine laws have not been violated? the more eagerly you seek peace, the more cruel will the war be, when he finds that he can more safely rely upon your fears than upon the justice and righteousness of his cause. The Bellum Catilinae is often read alongside Cicero's First Catilinarian in 3rd year… 5 In fact, the Romans have one inveterate motive for making war upon all nations, peoples and kings; namely, a deep-seated desire for dominion and for riches. 7 Armies are maintained in Asia and in Cilicia because of the excessive power of Mithridates, Macedonia is full of foes, as is also the sea-coast of Italy and of the provinces. [2.69] {2.87M}   L  #  . But have your way! But [the slaves] were almost at blows with each other, because they could not agree on a plan of action; Crixus and his fellow Gauls and Germans wanted to go out to confront [the Romans] and offer battle, while Spartacus [argued against attacking them]. Above him was L. Fabius Hispaniensis, a senator who had been proscribed. 11 For what else is left us? . They used to keep watches and stand guard and carry out the other duties of regular soldiers. 21 A new army is ready, besides the colonies of veterans, all the nobles, and the best leaders; fortune attends the stronger; soon the forces which our negligence has assembled will melt away. The numbers in Maurenbrecher's edition are shown in green. And I was not unaware of their design, but I had previously given warning of what afterwards happened, both to the Cretans, who alone retained their freedom at that time, and to king Ptolemy. 11 But I took vengeance for the wrongs inflicted upon me; I drove Nicomedes from Bithynia, recovered Asia, the spoil taken from king Antiochus, and delivered Greece from cruel servitude. [1.9] {1.11M}   L  #  The Roman state reached the peak of its power in the consulship of Ser.Sulpicius and M.Marcellus {51 B.C. 27 Yet even these privileges are denied to the country people, who are cut down in the quarrels of the great, and sent to the provinces as gifts to the magistrates. 8 Moreover, Etruria is aroused, as well as all the other smouldering fires of war; the Spanish provinces are stirred to revolt, Mithridates, who is close beside those of our tributaries from whom we still receive support, is watching for an opportunity for war; in short, for the overthrow of our empire nothing is lacking save a competent leader. Meoriga. 18 Of a truth, few men desire freedom, the greater part are content with just masters; we are suspected of being rivals of the Romans and future avengers. When I, therefore, without compulsion from the enemy, attempted to return into my kingdom, I lost the best of my soldiers and my fleets by shipwrecks at Parium and at Heracleia. It is for this reason that they are making plans to soothe you and at the same time to put you off until the coming of Gnaeus Pompeius, the very man whom they bore upon their necks when they feared him, but presently, their fear dispelled, they tear to pieces. You seek harmony through war, by which the harmony which we had attained is broken, a traitor to us, unfaithful to your party, the enemy of all good citizens. What need of Catulus' help? 9 Therefore, Fathers of the Senate, take heed, I beg and implore you, and do not allow the licence of a crime, like a madness, to infect those who are as yet sound. 10 Behold, here I stand, Gaius Cotta, your consul! And they were aided especially by the nobles, the greater number of whom were already giving expression to their confidence and adapting their conduct to their words. . De coniuratione Catilinae: Die Verschwörung des Catilina [Sallust, Mohr, Michael] on Per eas se Catilina credebat posse servitia urbana sollicitare, # Catilina credabat + aci: SE posse + inf: dass ER könne > ER könne # servitia urbana: Sklavenscharen in der Stadt # sollicito 1: aufhetzen urbem incendere, viros earum vel adiungere sibi vel interficere. He took great pride in this disfigurement of his body, and was not ashamed of his wounds, because they showed how gloriously he had preserved the rest of his body. The ditches were half filled by the large number who were killed, but the rest escaped safely because it was difficult to pursue them by night and the Romans were afraid of ambushes. 16 That supreme power of the consuls, and those potent decrees of the senate, you yourselves ratify, citizens, by executing them; and you hasten voluntarily to increase and strengthen their despotism over you. heavy mostly . 20 But even if the allowance were a great one, what lethargy it would show, since it was offered as the price of your slavery, to be deceived by it and actually to owe gratitude to your oppressors for your own property. After that, the nobles began to rule the plebs like their slaves, making decisions about their lives and bodies in the manner of kings; and confiscating their land, so that the nobles alone exercised power, with the others excluded. 25 If this seems to you to be peace and order, show your approval of the utter demoralization and overthrow of the republic, bow to the laws which have been imposed upon you, accept a peace combined with servitude and teach future generations how to run their country at the price of their own blood.