Throughout the set-up, she pointed out that there's no cap on happiness and that love doesn't just come walking through the door. Am nächsten Tag findet Addison Meredith's Höschen und realisiert, dass ihre Ehe mit Derek keine Chance mehr hat. He sidelined Meredith and had Andrew present the case again. Workplace Meredith pointed out he could have taken a minute to explain his actions before administrating steroids, which could kill her if they were wrong about the diagnosis. weiblich She ran into Amelia, who had seen Andrew leave the house and wondered if they were back together. Familie & Verwandte Later, Derek kissed a nurse named Rose in the scrub room; when Meredith found out, she severed all ties with him. Although the two constantly flirted and Derek still hinted at having feelings for her, they both agreed to remain friends, and Addison, too, attempted to be friends with Meredith. She claimed that Lexie was someone she never wanted to know, even denying that Lexie was her sister. Richard pointed out that she might end up as one of the people needing it and stressed that everyone at the hospital needed her. Weeks later he arrived back at Seattle Grace and told her he was sorry and so proud of her but Lexie later informed her that he only said it because he was drunk and he did it all the time. Nach ein paar Problemen schafften sie es, das Krankenhaus zu kaufen. Meredith’s famous "Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me" speech is corny, to be sure, but it's got tremendous rhythm and absolute conviction... season 2 of Grey's was a comet." Jo replied the latter, after which Meredith insisted they go talk to Alex and Bailey to get her a proper leave of absence so she could get the help she needed. Parents She came to see how Levi set up a dance floor in the cafeteria for the patient and her husband, which made her reflect on how she used to be the kind of person who did romantic things like that. Derek ShepherdThe Slutty InternSunshineThe perfect 12-year-oldChild of DarknessCindy LouThe Good SisterWidow GreyOur Lady of General SurgeryThe Good GreyGrey JuniorThe Annoying Twins (along with Cristina)Nurse GreyMer-Der (along with Derek)The Ten Year OldMer-MerDr. They later had kids together. She shared that Meredith hadn't been matched to Seattle Grace at first until Richard reached out to the NRMP to make a personal recommendation, which landed Meredith her spot. While surprised, she was fine with it, so Meredith then went to find Andrew and took him out on a date to a restaurant. versuchten. Later that night, Meredith headed out to get Zola some Jello. Andrew didn't know she was coming back. Eltern haben könne als Meredith und Derek. Derek approached her, they got drunk, before ending up at her place, sleeping with each other. Durch das Ereignis mit Alex und Andrew, bei dem Meredith niemandem erzählt was sie weiß, verliert Maggie an Vertrauen zu Meredith und geht auf Distanz. auf Dereks Grundstück. This time, Meredith accepted. Dr. Meredith Grey Meredith starts treating matchmaker Cece. They later had to inform her that her client, whom she had hit after passing out in her car, had died, Cece opposed being put on the transplant list. Meredith was a rebellious teenager and she drank excessively and partied during college. Upon entering the room, Nancy asked Meredith to keep quiet for once given the vicious prosecutor and let her do her job. Nancy told her she squeezed a drop of humanity out of the judge, which meant she'd have to make up the lost hours in jail. Dabei finden sie heraus, dass Maggie am 22.11.1983 geboren ist. Meredith congratulated her, excited about becoming an aunt.[70]. He later sent her a text to come over, which she did. Beginning Relationship with Derek Shepherd, Lawsuit, Pregnancy, and Buying the Hospital, Growing Closer to Nathan and Supporting Alex, Hiring a Matchmaker and Thatcher's Illness, Returning to Work, Andrew's Mania and Losing Alex. After Meredith finished stabilizing a patient's badly wounded leg with the help of a little girl just by the water, the man panicked and pushed Meredith off the edge into the bay. Meredith later described her high school years to Cristina by saying, "I wore a lot of black. The next morning, Meredith even tried to make breakfast for her and Lexie was so enthusiastic that she ate it, despite knowing she would have an allergic reaction. [20], Despite Derek's warnings to slow down, a heavily pregnant Meredith couldn't keep from joining in on a surgery at the beginning of the superstorm. [84], Meredith was supposed to accompany Richard to Los Angeles for his speech on his PathPen at the Surgical Innovation Conference but she had to stay home as her sitter got the flu. They had their first big fight after Richard Webber blamed Cristina for knowing of the interns' secret meetings and Meredith did not defend her. She went to the hospital to check on Andrew's status and, knowing what really happened, kept Alex updated on Andrew while lying to Maggie about what had happened to Andrew. She was impressed by Meredith but when Meredith lied and said she had performed a certain surgery when she hadn't, Hahn told her that if she did it again, she'd never let her operate in her OR again. With yet another death imminent, she called the patient's daughter to rush to the hospital to be able to say goodbye. Meredith said it was just sex at this point. He didn't hold it against her as he had had the same disagreement with Cristina once, though he was on Meredith's side back then. During George's brain surgery, his brain swelled and he was declared brain dead. She secretly put her daughter Ellis's name on the paperwork, which alarmed Richard. After Meredith and Derek's break-up, Cristina protected Meredith by asking Derek to stay away. The plane crash also led to Mark's death, Arizona's loss of her leg, and Derek's severely damaged nerves in his hand. Eventually, Meredith was able to develop the procedure with the help of Jo. She was married to Derek Shepherd until his death; they have two daughters, Zola and Ellis, and a son, Bailey. Afterward, her relationship with Owen got better, and upon Cristina's departure, she considered Owen as her friend and promised to be his person for Cristina. Dani xx She instructed Meredith to go out and buy herself five new outfits and ready herself for something new, which she did.[48]. Privately, she labeled him as “McSteamy”, and Mark called her "My Favorite Dirty Mistress," while she was high on morphine for pain management. Bailey still thought that they should open him back up, and Meredith made the call to book an OR for Bailey. He told her he just preferred to give people all the information and let them figure out what to do with it, a courtesy that his wife's doctors hadn't shown him before she did. Ellis Grey was the mother of Meredith Grey. Die beiden fangen an, sich zu treffen und kommen so auch zusammen. The most amazing thing about Meredith, though, is that she takes all that pain, all that loss, and she turns into drive. Since she was supposed to be let out that day and was eager to spend the holiday with her kids, Meredith watched the clock closely. When a storm hit the city, Meredith went into labor and had started bleeding internally after giving birth. Bailey recognized the feeling, being the last one standing from her residency class, and then told Meredith that Richard was stepping down from surgery.[83]. When Nathan Riggs arrived at the hospital, it did not take long for Meredith to discover the reasons regarding his feud with Owen. Both had to tend to patients when the plane hit turbulence. He then suggested that they make Gabby sicker on paper so they could keep her in the hospital for 30 days, after which a new state policy would automatically kick in regardless of Luis' income. When Derek's best friend, Mark Sloan, visited Seattle, he was quick to realize that Meredith was "the one" for Derek and tried to persuade Addison to stop fighting for her marriage as Meredith was Derek's, true love. Meredith und Derek wollen Zola adoptieren. Staffel 9:Meredith ist Brautjungfer bei Mirandas Hochzeit. Meredith replied that she could live without him but that she didn’t ever want to. Over ice cream, she told them that Andrew was her boyfriend and that he would be visiting more, but that she was not going anywhere, following Bailey's advice.[64]. The husband of a deceased patient, Gary Clark, entered the hospital and shot many people, killing many, including Dr. Reed Adamson and Dr. Charles Percy. The post-it note that married Derek and Meredith. Meredith tried to talk him out of it but he brushed off her concerns and took off. He was in awe of her staying sane while combining her job and raising her three kids, though she admitted to dropping some balls here and there. Derek gesteht Meredith jedoch seine Liebe und sie kann sich nicht zwischen Finn und Derek entscheiden. Meredith still had a rough childhood but after Ellis married Richard some of this was overcome. Lexie thought it wasn't George because she didn't think he was tall enough, so Callie checked for a Texas-shaped birthmark on his hand, which she saw, confirming it was George. As a small child, Meredith got to see her mother perform surgery. At night in bed, a curious Meredith googled Cece's services but opted against using them. They managed to perform all the surgeries. And she managed to share that joy through her spirit of discovery and of possibility and of hope, right in the face of darkness. Susan Grey † (stepmother)Carolyn Shepherd (mother-in-law)Mr. Shepherd † (father-in-law)Eric Thompson (brother-in-law)Nancy Shepherd (sister-in-law)Kathleen Shepherd (sister-in-law)Amelia Shepherd (sister-in-law)Liz Shepherd (sister-in-law)Laura Grey-Thompson (niece)Christopher Shepherd † (nephew)Scout Derek Shepherd Lincoln (nephew)AuntNine niecesFive nephews [78], That led them to reconcile to some degree. Meredith Grey is fighting for her life. But what it also reveals is that Ellen Pompeo 's alter ego will be faced with another figure from her past. He broke down and she confronted him, unable to answer his questions about Megan. George O’Malley. Grey's Anatomy Wiki ist eine Fandom-TV-Community. Meredith stepped in and assured them nothing was certain yet. MerGreygroße GreyMedusaeine der verdrehten Schwesterndie Frau aus der BarMrs. Ulrike Stürzbecher Grey's Anatomy Universe Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Patients and their family members grew upset as Meredith had to solve multiple issues, like Andrew going behind her back and messing up her OR schedule to get a patient into an OR and away from her supposed aunt as he suspected the patient was a human trafficking victim. As soon as they could, they left and took the patient to the evac zone outside. zurück. Meredith versucht die Beziehung vorranzutreiben und fragt Derek, ob er bei ihr einziehen möchte. Bailey overcame her fear to operate and pulled Meredith through. A worried Meredith watched in horror as Maggie and Cormac dragged Richard off the stage and called for an ambulance. So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. He had secretly taken off to meet his twins right after the trial. As she was about to head to the OR, Zola's surgical team came by to tell everything had gone fine. Additionally, she deemed it highly unlikely that the medical board would pursue action her license. Nach dem College, als She said she wasn't ready to lose him yet. When she later gave birth to Ellis, there was a problem and he was her emergency contact person, so the hospital called him and he came to San Diego to see her.[108]. As she arrived at the hospital, she witnessed an explosion from the parking lot. After she started disregarding his authority, Richard realized that although he was not a bad man, he was the bad man in her story.