Acceptance will only be granted after the results have been checked for replication. First, please read our guidelines thoroughly. 1.103 Search in: Advanced search. Authors are asked to declare any potential conflict of interest. The RAND Journal of Economics welcomes unsolicited manuscripts. This fast rejection process means that authors are given a quick decision and do not need to wait for the review process to be completed. If the data is provided in a proprietary format, such as in STATA format, then an ASCII file should also be provided. At this stage, manuscripts may be rejected without peer review if it is felt that they are not relevant to the journal or are not of high enough priority. Authors should follow best practice in research. The Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (formerly the Journal of Socio-Economics) welcomes submissions that deal with various economic topics but also involve issues that are related to other social sciences, especially psychology, or use experimental methods of inquiry. Submissions must include a title page with each author’s affiliation, position, mailing address, phone, and e-mail. Journal of Finance, American Finance Association. they have included their name on the paper; their submission is contained within one PDF file (including appendices, but not including cover letter or past reports); any material not for publication is clearly marked. If you intend to renew your membership to benefit from the reduced rate, please do so before starting your submission. The Economic Journal: new submission requirements 02 Sep 2019. The Indian Economic Journal adheres to a rigorous double-blind reviewing policy in which the identity of both the reviewer and author are always concealed from both parties. All original articles are submitted and reviewed via the journal's online manuscript submission system. Journal of Economics and Development is published by Emerald Publishing on behalf of National Economics University, who owns the title. The Economic Journal is the Royal Economic Society's flagship title, and is one of the founding journals of modern economics. Manuscripts that do not meet the requirements below will not be considered for publication. The Economic Journal reserves the right to disallow authors from submitting to the Journal for repeat offenses. extraction code) to obtain the datasets should be included in the readme file. Submission Guidelines. Tourism Economics is an international peer reviewed journal, covering the business aspects of tourism in the wider context. the datasets used in the analysis, including a complete, transparent and precise documentation describing all variables. £25 for retired, student, and developing country members. Note that text in the Main Menu above or other text in blue are hyperlinks. Colour figures: Colour figures that appear in the print version of the journal will incur a charge of £350/$600/525 euros per figure at the author's expense. Any manuscript may be screened, especially if there is reason to suspect part or all of the text has been previously published. There are no discounts for students in place. Any submissions after the deadline will be considered for our Spring 2021 Edition. The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor). In case of simulation/Monte Carlo studies, the authors are requested to set a seed so that the exact numbers that are reported can be obtained. ... Journal of Economic Issues, Volume 54, Issue 4 (2020) SYMPOSIUM: The Monetary Macroeconomics of John R. Commons . Follow us to receive updates about newly published papers and other Journal news. After you submit your manuscript, you will receive an email regarding how to transfer your payment. Any sources of research funding are to be acknowledged in the manuscript. New authors should create an account prior to submitting a manuscript for consideration. All cases of suspected plagiarism will be handled in accordance with COPE guidelines. In cases where the ethics policy has been violated, or other forms of author misconduct have been found to occur, the Editors will assess instances on a case-by-case basis but will follow COPE guidelines. The editorial board of the Economic Journal reserves the right to refuse publication of those papers whose authors do not comply with these requirements. Parental Involvement and the Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Preferences, Attitudes and Personality Traits, Revisiting the Hypothesis of High Discounts and High Unemployment, C - Mathematical and Quantitative Methods, E - Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, M - Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics, O - Economic Development, Innovation, Technological Change, and Growth, Q - Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics, R - Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics, 5.3 Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) classification code(s), 6 Manuscript preparation for Accepted Authors, 10 Permissions regarding re-use of OUP material, Further information about OUP's ethical policies, Details of the open access licences and open access charges, Find out if your institution is participating, Online Licensing, Copyright and Permissions policies, Guidelines on permissions for the re-use of OUP material, they agree to pay the relevant fee for their submission to be considered at the end of the submission process; please see the. Subscribe. Submission to AEA journals implies permission of the Association to check the submission electronically for plagiarism, using the CrossCheck system. Should you wish to publish your article open access, you should select your choice of open access licence in our online system after your article has been accepted for publication. Authors using LaTeX are encouraged to use the journal's LaTeX style file (please note that the file extension should be changed to .bst for use in manuscript preparation). The Editors welcome submissions to The Economic Journal which adhere to the Instructions to Authors. Submission entails the payment of a fee for each new submission: £117 for non-members of the Royal Economic Society, £50 for ordinary members, and Indeed, the three journals on the list that specialize in short papers – Economics Letters, Applied Economics Letters, and Economics Bulletin – have the lowest 2-year citation count per paper, although Economics Letters and Economics Bulletin do better on the aggregate mean (RePec rank). a readme file (README.pdf) describing the content of the package, the data sources, any manipulation that was carried out to generate the final datasets, how the data and programmes can be used to replicate the results in the paper, the version of the software the code was written for and the respective versions of extra packages, as well as an estimate of the computation time. The emphasis is on quantitative or analytical work, which is novel and relevant. OUP has a growing number of Read and Publish agreements with institutions and consortia which provide funding for open access publishing. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy : Ref Reject : 2 : N/A : 3 : 3 reports: 2 of them really good, one mediocre. For further information see our Online Licensing, Copyright and Permissions policies. These include (but are not limited to) commercial associations, employment, personal relationships and academic competition. When you submit a paper for consideration, you will be asked to confirm that you are willing to comply with this policy. Only essential corrections should be made at the proof stage. 2018 : 07/25/18 : American Economic Journal: Economic Policy : Ref Reject : 4 : N/A : 0 : Two straightforward R&R recommendations from referees. It takes account of constraints on development, such as social and community interests and the sustainable use of tourism and recreation resources, and inputs into the production process. The re-use of text, data, figures, images without acknowledgment or permission is considered plagiarism, as is the paraphrasing of text, concepts, and ideas, without proper attribution. If you have uploaded a decision letter and referee reports from previous submissions, please tick the relevant box in Editorial Express to confirm that you have established that the decision letters and reports are not confidential. The Editors of The Economic Journal welcome high-quality papers in economics from any field. The Board of Managing Editors will jointly evaluate potential cases of violation and decide on the appropriate action where a violation is confirmed. The Economic Journal publishes academic papers that significantly advance knowledge. the manuscript is original work and does not duplicate any other previously published work, including the author's own work; the manuscript has been submitted only to, the manuscript will not be submitted elsewhere whilst under consideration at. The e-Journal's Archive - March 2007 to August 2020. Submission fees must be paid by credit card at the time of submission. Submission to ES journals implies permission of the Society to check the submission electronically for plagiarism, using the Similarity Check system. Submission indicates that you license users to download, copy, and modify this material. Submissions in this category should clearly state that they are intended as short, self-contained papers, and should be written accordingly. Submission Fee Economics Letters handles a submission fee of EUR 50 (reduced 30) USD 65 (40) Yen 6000 (4000). If there are no disclosures, please declare no conflicts of interest. Once the manuscripts are finalised, the uncorrected manuscripts are replaced with the final corrected article on the Advance Access page. Details of the open access licences and open access charges. A letter of submission need not be included unless it contains information pertinent to the review process. The reduced prices are for students. The Editorial Board is comprised of leading international scholars covering a wide range of expertise. We are unable to review manuscripts that have been previously rejected by the AEJ: Macroeonomics. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that all references are fully and correctly cited throughout the paper on initial submission to the Journal. If any substantial element of your paper has been previously published, you need to declare this to the journal editor upon submission. the programmes used to analyse the data or run the experiment; the raw data collected from the experiment. Please note that this will require removing all submissions associated with your personal data under consideration. Manuscript can be submitted through email attachment at or through website Submission Link. Further information about OUP's ethical policies. In case of commercially available or restricted access data sources, detailed instructions (e.g. Questions about submitting to the journal should be sent to the editorial office at​. Submit an article. For support and more information please contact the editorial office at With effect from 5th July 2019, the following submission fee structure applies due to increased costs. The Atlantic Economic Journal (AEJ) is an Official Publication of the International Atlantic Economic Society. Authors may want to consult the guide to creating PDF files regarding PDF file conversion and other formatting issues. A submission to the journal implies that materials described in the manuscript, including all relevant raw data, will be freely available to any researcher wishing to use them for non-commercial purposes, without breaching participant confidentiality. Starting on Tuesday 3 September 2019, The Economic Journal is introducing a submission fee of £50 for ordinary members of the Royal Economic Society (£25 for retired, student and developing country members) and £110 for non-members. Where available, … The nature of the data used for replication checks will be indicated on the published version of the paper. Please note that the Journal of International Economics no longer publishes book reviews. Send to: with the subject line “Spring 2021 Journal Submission: [FirstName LastName], [Paper Title]”. Prior to final acceptance any manuscript that has not already been screened will be put through iThenticate. The Editors welcome submissions to The Economic Journal which adhere to the Instructions to Authors. Due to essential system maintenance, the RES website will be unable to accept any new submissions to The Economic Journal, membership applications or renewals until 5 January 2021. Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to the Dental Group of Endeavor Business Media, publishers of Dental Economics, DentistryIQ, Perio-Implant Advisory, and RDH.Here you will find submission guidelines, contact information, publication timing, and answers to frequently asked questions. Manuscripts that are not instantly rejected are sent out for peer review, usually to two independent reviewers. There is a reduced submission fee of USD 100 if each author meets at least one of the following conditions: (i) is a current student, (ii) is within six years of completing their PhD, or (iii) resides in a low- or middle-income economy (according to the World Bank classification). Manuscript Submission | International Journal of Financial Management and Economics For papers that contain analysis of experimental data, we require the authors to provide at the time of submission of the paper (authors are asked to include all information as part of the main pdf file rather than as separate items): In addition, before final acceptance, the authors will be asked to submit a replication package containing: To improve the speed and quality of decisions authors are encouraged to include editors' letters and referee reports from failed submissions at other journals. The Journal of the History of Economic Thought (JHET) is the journal of the History of Economics Society.JHET is a quarterly, refereed journal that welcomes papers reflecting the full spectrum of scholarly analysis within the history of economic thought and history of economic methodology. 2019 Impact Factor. New content alerts RSS. The Journal of Development Economics publishes original research papers relating to all aspects of economic development - from immediate policy concerns to structural problems of underdevelopment. The Editorial Board is committed to providing rapid feedback to submitting authors. For more information about submission guidelines, please visit the RAND Journal of Economics Style Guide Sources of potential conflict of interest are any relationship, personal or professional, that could affect the objectivity of the review process. Submissions should be technically well-crafted, make a substantial contribution to the subject, and be of broad interest to economists at large. If the code uses additional packages that are not part of the standard distribution, then these packages should be included so that the code still runs after many years. Read Submission Guidelines. It will become part of the published article in the case of acceptance. If the paper is accepted for publication, the replication package will be posted on the journal's website alongside the paper. Any cases of ethical or publication malpractice are treated very seriously and will be managed in accordance with the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)  guidelines. New content alerts RSS. For further information please see the FAQs. Read the latest issue and learn how to publish your work in Applied Economics. The submission fee is USD 150for new submissions. Starting July 1, 2019, the Journal’s new phone and mailing address are: 859-323-7990 Southern Economic Journal Department of Economics Gatton College of Business and Economics University of Kentucky Lexington, KY 40506-0034 Manuscripts should be double spaced, with figures and tables on separate pages at the end of the manuscript. This means authors from participating institutions can publish open access, and the institution may pay the charge. Click here for instructions and conditions. Authors of accepted manuscripts are asked to consult and follow the Guide for Accepted Authors. Based on the feedback from these reviewers and the editors' judgement, a decision is given on the manuscript. To submit a paper to Economica please go to the online submission page. The Economic Journal is one of the founding journals of modern economics. Submission Fee As of January 1, 2016, the Journal of International Economics charges a nonrefundable fee of US$ 190 / EURO 169.20 / JPY 20,660 for new submissions. That means it should not have been published before in its current, or similar, form. Please include any appendices or supplementary material for referees (even if the material is not meant to be published) in one single PDF-file with your main text. For the related field of finance, the Journal of … Submit an article. Find out more and submit There is no submission fee and the journal does not require the use of JEL codes. At the point of submission, each author should reveal any financial or other interests or connections that might raise any question of bias in the work reported or the conclusions. Please note that some funders require open access publication as a condition of funding. Authors not submitting these are expected to cooperate with researchers seeking access to these datasets for replication purposes. For papers that contain descriptive, econometric or simulated analysis of data, the authors must provide sufficient detail in the paper (or in an appendix) for the reader to understand the nature of the data used and how it was analyzed to produce the results, as well as a replication package containing the following: Authors who have requested an exemption for the publication of their datasets can either (1) grant temporary distance or physical access to the data to the journal's staff for the sole purpose of replication (the data will not be published), or (2) supply a simulated dataset or a synthetic dataset instead of the actual dataset(s) used for the analysis for replication purposes.